Waste Resource Technologies has grown into a multi-state, fully-integrated waste collection, recovery, and conversion company that is at the forefront of developing innovative technologies to divert more resources from landfills through its recycling capabilities. In addition to using specialized recycling equipment, Waste Resource Technologies’ family of companies provides high quality customer service and efficient waste removal in its effort to protect the environment locally and globally. 

 Future projects will use proven technology from leading material recovery and bioconversion companies to transform waste into sustainable resources such as renewable natural gas, baseload electricity, and natural soil amendments. 

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Provides commercial and residential waste management and recycling services to the islands of Maui and Oahu


Provides commercial and residential waste management and recycling services to the Big Island of Hawaii.

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Provides municipal commercial and residential waste collection and recycling services in Southern California.

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Conventional landfill disposal operations undermine sustainable management of California and Hawaii's resources and affect our communities now, as well as future generations.

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Landfills are running out of space, but over 500 tons of waste material are still being sent to landfills every day in Hawaii. In the Los Angeles area, it's over 17,000 tons per day.

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Your trash may not be waste—over 70% of landfill materials can be reused.


Locally grown produce is safer, offers more nutritional value, and allows consumers to reinvest in their communities, yet only 15% of agricultural food products are grown locally.

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Although there are alternative energy sources, 90% of energy consumed each year is from fossil fuels, the leading contributor to climate change and environmental pollution.

Our Solutions

Waste Resource Technologies’ innovative waste diversion solutions, such as resource recovery, organic recycling, and energy conversion, will reclaim our wasted resources and generate value products to support local sustainable agriculture and alternative energy initiatives.

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